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For lovers of Fondue! For Fondue Fanatics worldwide! I always enjoy a good cheese fondue, as do most of my friends (and my immediate family)! We like making "West County Fondue a la Nadia". The 'a la Nadia' bit is because I have changed the original recipe to suit my taste (and that of my best friends). I have posted the original West County Fondue recipe, as well as West County Fondue a la Nadia, and will post many others (I have at least 2 fondue cookbooks, and am always on the lookout for more!

This community is also ABOUT COOKING, and all things cooking. I wasn't going to do this, but, to be honest, I can't be bothered starting up yet another cooking community. So this one will also deal with cooking. This includes: the best cooking implements; recipes; cooking anecdotes; etiquette tips (Chef Nadia's etiquette tips, plus those by others); good foods; whole foods; health foods; healthy living; where to shop for fresh/gourmet foods (I know some in Adelaide, but not much elsewhere); etc.

I am most partial to cheese fondues, but, as I said, this community is for ALL fondue types, plus (almost) ALL other COOKING stuff. As long as it's got to do with cooking or cheese or potatoes or fondues, it belongs here. If it doesn't have anything to do with cooking, cheese, potatoes, or fondues, it belongs elsewhere. I also don't want religious stuff here; it's just not the place for it. My community, my choice, my rules.

Please be courteous and kind, loving and appreciative here. Please do not belittle, or make mean remarks about the people posting here (or their friends/family/loved ones). Rudeness will not be tolerated, but love and acceptance will be welcomed wholeheartedly, especially if you bring us a fondue story, cooking story, recipe, or taste-test! :D

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