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Spring, morning light

hartzwatergirl in fondue_fanatics

Etiquette/Chef Nadia's Tip #2

Be sure to compliment/thank the cook after the meal, before they have left the table. It is important to do, so that you may get invited to another fondue party/meal. Also, if you do not tell the cook/chef how nice the meal was (and use many different words here, like 'tasty', 'delicious', 'colourful', 'yummy' 'scrumptious', etc.), you run the risk of offending the cook... so not a good idea! my family (well, except my Mum) does this all the time... forgetting to thank me, i mean. It really annoys me! Cooking puts me in a good mood, but ungrateful family/friends can undo that good mood in an instant. So, please DO remember to compliment the cook!


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